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    • An inter-site study of biofouling recruitment on static immersion panels in major ports of South East Asia and India 

      Lim, C.S.; Jolkifli, Z.H.; Jair, A.; Karim, N.; A.Wahab, R.; Desai, D.V.; Venkat, K.; Khandeparker, L.; Mapari, K.; Sawant, S.; Thoha, H.; Hadiyanto, H.; Dirhamsyah, D.; Dalasane, S.; Chounlamountry, K.; Hing, L.S.; Yusof, H.S.b.; Khaing, M.M.; Nacorda, E.H.M.; Austero, N.; Azanza, R.V.; Pagdilao, C.; Kajonwattanakul, S.; Puttapreecha, R.; Poovachiranon, S.; Le, H.M.; Tran, T.T.; Nguyen, V.C.; Tan, K.S.; Anil, A.C. (ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST), 2018)
      Limited knowledge of native marine biodiversity hinders effective biodiversity management to safeguard South and Southeast Asia�s marine coastal environment against the threat of invasive species transfer through shipping. ...