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    • Variations in particulate matter over Indo-Gangetic Plains and Indo-Himalayan Range during four field campaigns in winter monsoon and summer monsoon: Role of pollution pathways 

      Sen, A.; Abdelmaksoud, A.S.; Nazeer Ahammed, Y.; Alghamdi, M..; Banerjee, T.; Bhat, M.A.; Chatterjee, A.; Choudhuri, A.K.; Das, T.; Dhir, A.; Dhyani, P.P.; Gadi, R.; Ghosh, S.; Kumar, K.; Khan, A.H.; Khoder, M.; Maharaj Kumari, K.; Kuniyal, J.C.; Kumar, M.; Lakhani, A.; Mahapatra, P.S.; Naja, M.; Pal, D.; Pal, S.; Rafiq, M.; Romshoo, S.A.; Rashid, I.; Saikia, P.; Shenoy, D.M.; Sridhar, V.; Verma, N.; Vyas, B.M.; Saxena, M.; Sharma, A.; Sharma, S.K.; Mandal, T.K. (Elsevier, 2017)
      Both in-situ and space-borne observations reveal an extremely high loading of particulates over the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP), all year around. With a burgeoning population and combustion sources (fossil fuels (FFs) and ...